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Just A Kiss :iconerashika:EraShika 0 0
Empty Cup
Your cup I held within me
It used to overflow
Whenever I thought of you
But now, it's empty
For you stopped coming back
To fill it yourself
I would refill it
To keep you there
It's not worth it
Not anymore
It's your cup to fill
Not mine
So when you are ready
Come reclaim it
Until then
It's going away
Into the back
Of my mind's cupboard
:iconerashika:EraShika 0 0
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To Be Bound By Him :iconerashika:EraShika 0 0
Here I am
Entwined in your ropes
Tied high for you to see
I can't take this
It's unbearable
I crave you
I'm moaning for you
But you don't respond
Am I too much?
I just need you
I cant describe it
I'm under your spell
But I'm just dangling here
Just let me swing
Give me a push?
A poke?
Anything to let me know you care
I know I'm not your only
Am I really that unimportant?
To just leave me here
It's so cruel
But then I remember
The strings are not there
Not really
We never tied them together
You didn't know the knots
You didn't want them connected
So it's all just me
Standing there
Being alone
Wanting you
:iconerashika:EraShika 0 0
I feel it
Deep inside
But nothing
No tears
Just pain
It's in there
And it wants to come out
But nothing is working
I've tried things from the past
They don't work the way they used to
I just want this over with
I wanna move on
Please let this happen
Let this pass
Let me feel it
Get it out
Push it out
Do what you must
Beat me senseless
Until the river of my soul
Is no longer blocked
To let that water flow
Until it's end
It's all I want
It's all I need
But no
There is a wall
And instead
I just feel so....
:iconerashika:EraShika 1 0
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It's been forever since I've been on here! I got nothing to post unfortunately.


Name: Ella

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Height: 4'11''

Hair color: My roots are brown, the rest is dyed black

Favorite feature: My eyes?


Home Life

Parents' Marital Status: Married

State/area you live in: CA

What does your room look like?: We live in a studio apartment so....I don't really have my own room. Our living room is our bedroom.

Favorite food: Can't pick. Three things I love: chocolate, teriyaki chicken/beef, egg rolls.

When do you usually go to sleep?: 2-3am

When do you usually wake up?: 11am


Right now…

Listening to?: Amy Winehouse station on Pandora

Eating: nothing at the moment

Wearing: pajamas

Talking to: Honey <3

Feeling: Loved

Happy about?: Getting to meet Suzy and Arin from Game Grumps tonight!

Sad about?: Missing out on Rocky in Ventura where a lot of my friends are


Song?: Can't decide. 

Person?: My Honey <3

Member of Your Family?: Mom

Animal?: Coquerel's Sifaka

Thing to Wear?: Beanies

Day of the Week?: Friday

Thing to Do?: Sing at karaoke

Drink?: Chocolate shake or Stress Tea

Thing About Yourself?: Don't have one

Thing to Talk About?: Game Grumps lol

Love life

Single or taken?: Taken, happily <3

Crushing currently?: Besides Honey, Danny Sexbang and this one girl I met online

Longest crush you've ever had?: I can't even begin to count the years....

First kiss?: Kindergarten, guy named Zack

Last person you kissed?: Honey, of course <3

Describe your crush: Honey is sweet, talented, hilarious, stroing and amazing. Danny is the lead singer in Ninja Sex Party and is Not So Grump on Game Grumps. He is also really adorable and awesome. The girl I met is perfect <3

Does your crush know you like them: Honey knows, Danny doesn't lol. The girl sort of knows.

Have you ever...

Bungee jumped?: Nope

Gone skinny dipping?: Noooo, no thank you.

Smoked?: I tried smoking once but it hurt too much

Drank?: Yep, but I've never even been tipsy.

Done drugs?: *cough cough*

Self harmed?: Unfortunately yes

Cried of joy?: Yep, more often than sadness

Been to the beach?: I live in CA so yeah

Skipped school?: Yep....I'm bad

Been suspended or expelled?: No, I was a good one

Been on TV?: Nope

Made someone cry?: Everyone has.

Fallen in love?: Yes ~ <3

  • Listening to: Pandora
  • Watching: Game Grumps


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El-Bow Saxx
United States
My name is ElBow. I just post pictures of my life and sometimes write poetry or draw if I get some inspiration. I love anything burlesque or Rocky Horror related.



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